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Light scratches and oxidation caused by exposure to the elements are removed with car buffing, leaving a glossy, brighter shine. If you wish to remedy paint imperfections, you might also polish your car.

We at General Auto Detailing provide a mixture of manual, and mechanical buffing for better results. A manual buffer, as the name implies, is done by hand. It entails saturating a microfiber towel with enough rubbing compound or polish and then using it to scrub your car’s paint. For faster outcomes, we prefer orbital buffers. Scratches and tiny swirls can be repaired with an orbital buffer. A high-speed buffer is another automobile buffing method we use to fix deep scratches and restore the aesthetic attractiveness of your vehicle. If your car’s paint is dull, has tiny scratches, or has paint faults, it may need polishing to make it look glossy and new again.

When you buff your car to repair the paint, you normally remove the clear coat that protects the paint. Because there is only so much coat, it is best not to buff your car too regularly. However, if you choose to buff your car, get it done by a professional to avoid paint damage. That implies you should only buff your car once a year to keep the clear coat looking good for a long time. Yes, using rubbing compounds to buff an area of your car can help erase flaws and scratches.

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Scratches on your vehicle can occur due to various circumstances, including vandalism, auto accidents, and bad parking. When you bring your car to us for buffing the first thing we do is wash and rinse it. Apply a polishing substance to your vehicle to remove scratches and swirls. After that, we buff lightly with a soft cloth to produce a high gloss.

It’s time to buff your car’s paint if shining and cleaning it doesn’t bring it back to life. On the other hand, Buffing is not a one-step process: once the paint is flat, it will still have microscopic scratches that must be polished out, and the remaining minute scratches must be filled in with a glaze to achieve the best sheen. When you have your automobile polished at General Auto Detailing, we follow all three procedures to ensure that it has the most excellent possible shine.

When we drive around, road tar, dirt, grease, and other crud embed in the paint. Metal dust from roads and construction sites is another typical problem. If left untreated, the paintwork will rust, and significant corrosion will occur. In addition, bird droppings, bugs appear to be splattered across your car’s paintwork. The acidity of the bugs or bird droppings eats away at the paint. Quickly. The same can be said for rainwater. When water evaporates from your car, mineral deposits are left behind, which can “etch” the paint. To avoid any long-term damage, it is highly suggested that you have your car buffed to get your car paint preserved.



"General Auto detailing is Amazing Team and Place! Took my Toyota Corolla there and they left it like brand new! Recommend this place over and over. Thank you again!

- Sege Afro

I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service and quality output. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to make their vehicle look new.


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"I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service.

- Fishe Asli

General Auto detailing is an Amazing Team and Place! Thank you again!

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