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When we undercoat your vehicle, we provide one of the most thorough services available. We begin by inspecting the underside of your car using our asymmetrical rotational lift.

We start cleaning and prepare the underbelly for spraying when the inspection is completed. The preparation procedure entails removing your rims and tyres (including your spare tyre) as well as covering the brakes.

To keep overspray off of everything, we wrap your exhaust system in the newspaper, cover the driveshafts in the newspaper, and wrap the bottom seam lines of the vehicle in a clear drape. Next, we clean the underside by pressure washing it if necessary, applying compressed air to dirt pockets, removing scaly material with a bristle broom or wire brush, and occasionally utilizing an angle grinder to spots that require special care. After the prep work is completed, we begin by applying a rust converter, which inhibits existing rust and prevents new rust from forming.

The outside of the frame rails, brake and fuel lines, wheel wells, fender wells, the bottom of the cab, the bottom side of rocker panels, the bottom side of the car bed, and the inside of the rear bumper are all locations that we coat.

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Once this first layer is complete and dry, we apply a rubberized undercoating to all of the same locations, providing a second layer of protection and acting as a sound deadener to assist reduce road noise. When completed, this service will extend the life of your car by several years. Your tyres cause damage to the underbelly of your car or vehicle. They function as a continuous sandblaster, constantly scooping up dirt, rocks, sand, salt, water, and snow, which eats away at your vehicle. We are a company that specializes in preventative maintenance. This means you either pay a little money now to protect your investment or spend a lot of money fixing or replacing your one investment a few years down the road. Please do not wait for the car to rust away; bring your vehicle to us, and we make sure the structure of your vehicle has increased longevity.

 If you let rust take over and dirt eat away at your car’s underside, it may take thousands of dollars to repair it. So why spend thousands of dollars on repairs when you didn’t have to when you could have spent hundreds of dollars preventing the problem in the first place. If you have us undercoat your vehicle, expect to return every three years or so for minor touch-ups, depending on your driving patterns. Because the tyres are now sandblasting the undercoating rather than the metal, it will deteriorate and require maintenance.

 Any vehicles with exceptionally unclean or severely corroded undercarriages will require additional prep work to be adequately coated. We will provide a free estimate after a visual inspection of your vehicle. Because just-used automobiles may require a lot of extra prep work, a visual quote will be required to provide you with an accurate estimate. Every rustproofing and undercoating vehicle receives an express level detailing right after it is sprayed, ensuring that your car is spotless inside and out when you pick it up. Call us today to get the undercoating done.


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"I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service.

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