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Best Exterior And Interior Cleaning Services

While cleaning the car’s exterior is necessary, it is equally important to clean the interior regularly.

Cleaning your car not only maintains the look of your car but also has several benefits. We at General Auto Detailing can provide deep cleaning services for the exterior and interior of your car.


Why Should You Clean Your Car

Excessive wear and tear of your vehicle’s interior and upholstery caused by dirt and dust accumulation. A filthy car is also an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid damage, we can regularly use a vacuum cleaner to clean your car’s seats, carpets, and steering wheels. Driving a dirty automobile has an impact on the vehicle’s mileage and fuel efficiency. A dirty car creates more friction, resulting in lower MPG. When your car is fully cleaned, air can readily pass across the surface, resulting in reduced resistance. Food crumbs and drink residue build in the vehicle’s nooks and crannies.

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Dust and filth accumulate over time as a result of them. Vacuuming the carpets, surfaces, and chairs removes dust and grime, which helps to prevent mould growth. A clean automobile not only makes your travel more pleasant but also eliminates any distractions that could cause you to lose focus while driving. Windows that are dirty impair vision and increase the risk of an accident. Cleaning the inner surfaces of your windows promotes a clean view, allowing you to drive safely. Dirt, dirt, and mould wreak havoc on the car’s outside and interior. These severe conditions have a damaging impact on the vehicle’s upholstery and paintwork.  When compared to a poorly maintained vehicle, you can earn more money when you sell it.

Cleaning can increase the resale value of your car if you keep it gleaming clean.

What do We do?

Our interior cleaning process is meticulous. It involves vacuuming, washing, polishing, and deodorizing.

Interior Cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is used to clean the entire car, removing dust particles from even the tightest of spaces. The AC vents are also cleaned. The car’s upholstery, matting, and other items are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed. The leather covers are cleaned and polished using a leather cleaner for a better appearance and to prevent them from damage. The glasses are cleaned with a glass cleaner to ensure that they are squeaky clean, will not obstruct the driver’s view, and make the automobile appear gleaming and spotless. After vacuuming the car once again, we will apply the perfume.

Exterior Cleaning

Exterior cleaning involves shampooing to remove the dust, buffing with microfiber and installing 3M paint protection and/or ceramic coating. We are thorough with exterior cleaning, and it shows. You will see a visible change in the way your car looks when you get cleaning done by us.

Engine Cleaning

The engine bay cleaning procedure entails using a pressure washer (on mist mode) to remove the top layer of dust, filth, and grit from the engine. After that, the engine is rinsed, cleaned, and wiped. The detailing process ensures that the engine is thoroughly coated after wiping it clean to prevent rubber and silicone parts from cracking.


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"I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service.

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