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Cars, SUVs, trucks, and motorbikes are among the vehicles we provide shampoo cleaning for. We also offer professional detailing services and specialize in luxury and high-end vehicle maintenance.

A car is a prized property for many of us, and even a ding on its surface is unbearable. While it is crucial to avoid having a scratch, it is also critical to keep your automobile clean and well maintained. Unfortunately, most of us use water and other cleaning products without realizing it, which might harm the car’s exterior paint. As a result, using car shampoos or hiring the services of car polish manufacturers is a good option. In addition, there are numerous advantages to utilizing car-cleaning shampoo.

Rest assured that the car shampoos we use always come with a guarantee that the paint on your vehicle will last. There’s no need to be concerned about long-term impacts like paint chipping or dulling because they’re designed specifically for cleaning vehicles. First, however, study the label, which specifies all of the chemicals used in the car shampoo, to see if it offers a guarantee to protect your car’s paint. The best car cleaning shampoos are usually branded and designed in such a way that they guarantee the preservation of the automobile paint.

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The automobile’s shine after washing has always been a top priority for automobile owners, and rightfully so. Regardless of your knowledge of car cleaning solutions, unique vehicle shampoos have specialized components that give your car a deeper shine. They truly clean the automobile properly, giving it a gleaming appearance. Some folks use hair-cleaning products and expect their car’s surface to shine like new! This is not only an unlikely outcome, but it is also highly harmful to the car’s paint. Higher-quality, branded cleaners will undoubtedly achieve the intended effects, giving your automobile a shinier coat that will make it look as new as possible. The cost of automobile cleaning shampoos is highly competitive and more on the inexpensive side since a one-time purchase can reduce the cost by purchasing lower quality goods. Regular car cleaning products do not produce long-term benefits, and you will have to use them repeatedly to keep your vehicle clean. It is possible to save money by washing your automobile yourself.

 What sets us apart from other detailing companies is our meticulous attention to detail and unmatched level of customer care. We utilize only the best shampoos and waxes, as well as thorough hand washing by our expertly trained cleaning specialists to ensure that your vehicle receives the best in individualized, professional cleaning with a sparkling and streak-free finish.

 General Auto Detailing provides excellent and economical auto cleaning services. We can service your vehicle at any place and provide you with outstanding service and satisfaction no matter where you are! We are always on time, and our attention to detail and experience are unrivalled.

 Our costs are reasonable, and we have a short wait time. While you wait for your car to be washed and groomed by our team, you may take advantage of our excellent customer service. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Come see us right now!

We offer a wash package to suit your every requirement, whether you’re searching for excellent pricing or top quality.


"General Auto detailing is Amazing Team and Place! Took my Toyota Corolla there and they left it like brand new! Recommend this place over and over. Thank you again!

- Sege Afro

I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service and quality output. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to make their vehicle look new.


Amazed by the quality of work they perform, certainly will visit again I recommend their service.

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"I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service.

- Fishe Asli

General Auto detailing is an Amazing Team and Place! Thank you again!

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We are Calgary Alberta based auto detailing company. Our goal is to provide premium car detailing services in Calgary so our clients are happy with the service we provide. With over 15 years of experience in the car detailing field, we are always improving our skills to keep up with the new technology.

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