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The process of cleaning a car’s interior begins with a thorough vacuuming. We provide professional vacuum cleaning for all models and sizes of vehicles.

Our basic interior cleaning includes vacuum and wipe down of the interior surfaces, and in some cases much more, such as carpet and upholstery shampooing or steam cleaning.

We will vacuum up all of the sand, dust, and debris hidden in the roots of the carpet and upholstery fibres, not just the dirt and debris on the surface. Washing the car without vacuuming first will make the final outcome look poor. Customers demand a degree of service from us, and we work towards achieving customer satisfaction.

We use a high-quality industrial vacuum to effectively vacuum the inside of your car. Your regular household vacuum can’t do this. Significant vacuum pressure is needed to suck up dirt. The faster the airflow must take up and move the dirt, the bigger and heavier the bits of debris must be. Higher lift is required to maintain high levels of airflow against more excellent resistance.

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Airflow is only required when vacuuming car carpets and upholstery to lift the debris accumulated on the surface. If you want to suck up the dirt and particles buried deep inside the weave; you’ll need a vacuum with stronger suction. Despite the considerable resistance to airflow that the carpet and upholstery put on the vacuum, the higher suction allows the vacuum to maintain enough airflow to transport the dirt. To achieve the best potential results when vacuuming an automobile, vacuum equipment must have the necessary performance capabilities. That is why choosing a company that ensures thorough vacuuming with professional vacuum cleaners is essential.

If you need fast and affordable vacuuming done, come to us. We also provide mobile car cleaning services. If you wish to get your car vacuumed at your home or workplace, give us a call. No need to drive around with a dirty car, with food, dust, hair, dangelers on the floor or the seat. A dirty car can give rise to bad odour, mites, bacteria and increase allergies. Accumulations over time can lead to mould and sticky, stubborn dirt that will require many invasive cleaning methods. That is why routine vacuuming by professionals can help you avoid an extensive accumulation of dirt.

We are an experienced car cleaning company that does vacuuming for your car. When you want professional vacuuming that is thorough, unlike the DIY ones you do, call us. We can assure you; you will feel cleaner sitting in your car when you vacuum it. No matter how dirty the floors of seats of your vehicles are, we can clean them. General Auto Detailing can clean big trucks, cars, economical, luxury, or sports cars. Our experienced teams know where the dirt accumulates and how to get all the nooks and crannies. We will provide a free estimate for the vacuuming services without any obligation.

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"General Auto detailing is Amazing Team and Place! Took my Toyota Corolla there and they left it like brand new! Recommend this place over and over. Thank you again!

- Sege Afro

I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service and quality output. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to make their vehicle look new.


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"I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service.

- Fishe Asli

General Auto detailing is an Amazing Team and Place! Thank you again!

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We are Calgary Alberta based auto detailing company. Our goal is to provide premium car detailing services in Calgary so our clients are happy with the service we provide. With over 15 years of experience in the car detailing field, we are always improving our skills to keep up with the new technology.

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