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Sticker application is a lot easier than sticker removal. This is again a service that we offer to our customers and many others like paint protection, ceramic coating, complete engine washing, and many more.

We, at General Auto Detailing, give the standard services to your precious vehicles. We understand your need for comfort while driving, the working of your car, and the need to keep it clean and attractive. Hence, we provide you with the best we could offer at a reasonable price, with many offers and packages to choose from.

Sticker Removal All You need To Know

Anyone can remove a sticker, but the trick is to remove a sticker without causing any harm to the paint and the surface of the car. At General Auto Detailing, we offer you techniques that can easily remove the stickers from the surface of your cars without causing any damage to either the paint or the surface of the vehicle.

 Though stickers are getting popular among people to give their cars a cool and attractive look, especially among the younger generation

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after a time, these stickers either fade off or lose their charm, and that is the time when people feel a need to remove them from their cars. But, unfortunately, if you try to remove it directly, it can take away patches of paint or even a whole pint of that area, thereby creating much fuss.

Here, at General Auto Detailing, we use specific techniques to get the sticker out without causing any harm to the surface or the paint of the car. So not only can we help remove the sticker but also with the cleaning process of the car after the removal, we understand your need to keep the car’s standards.

Offers You With The Best

We aim to make our customers content and satisfied with our services. We provide our customers with a friendly interface and answer all their queries to have no doubts regarding the services they are about to avail. The techniques we use and the machinery are of the best quality and latest as per time. The products we use are of standard quality so that they neither wear off before time nor cause any problem for you.

Our professionals are well qualified and highly experienced and have the right knowledge to work on your vehicle; trust us with your vehicle and avail yourself of the best from our schemes.


"General Auto detailing is Amazing Team and Place! Took my Toyota Corolla there and they left it like brand new! Recommend this place over and over. Thank you again!

- Sege Afro

I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service and quality output. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to make their vehicle look new.


Amazed by the quality of work they perform, certainly will visit again I recommend their service.

- Meareg Tewelde

"I visited this site for Full detail cleaning, I'm more than happy with the great service, fair price, friendly customer service.

- Fishe Asli

General Auto detailing is an Amazing Team and Place! Thank you again!

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We are Calgary Alberta based auto detailing company. Our goal is to provide premium car detailing services in Calgary so our clients are happy with the service we provide. With over 15 years of experience in the car detailing field, we are always improving our skills to keep up with the new technology.

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